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Hot-desking or co-working is an affordable and cost effective way to have an office! 
It provides the flexibility to only pay for desk space when you actually need it, rather than being tied into expensive or lengthy office leases.
We provide hot desks in the centre of Crewe, just 1,3 miles from the train station and around the corner from the main shops in town.

Originally working from home herself the owner of KFH Network had often looked for places to hold meetings with clients, and indeed affordable office space to grow into. The cost and location of such things were not always ideal. 
Following a visit to Manchester Science Park to meet with a client, and idea for Crewe was born.
A much smaller set up just on the edge of the centre of Crewe town, KFH Network has 14 hot desks downstairs in the main office with 2 desks and a meeting room upstairs in the KFH Accounts office. The desks are in banks of two to four with desktop partitions sitting 45 cm above desk height. These provide privacy for anyone using a desk but maintains the benefit of an open plan, fresh and clean office. 

The meeting room comfortably seats 10-12 in the standard boardroom set up although other numbers can be catered for. See our gallery for pictures. The glass partition has integrated blinds should you want privacy, particularly when doing presentations.

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What People Say

I'm the owner of KFH Network, after working from home and other people's offices for 4 years I saw a gap in Crewe. Following many meetings in coffee shops, clients coming to the house, I needed my own space but not  100% of the time. I struggled to find something suitable.
I now have my own space but am sharing it!! It's great to meet and talk to so many different people, making new contacts and having a refreshing change from always talking to the dog during the day. Personally I think the office looks great it has a relaxed professional feel (apart from my office wall). I am looking forward to sharing the space with many more people and businesses in the future.
Kelly Hancock, Crewe

I've been using the offices to study. It's an ideal location, without distraction to focus on my studies. With kids and a lively dog at home, along with a huge TV, it is so easy to put the books down and a film on. 
KFH Network has helped provide a bit more structure to my exam preparation this time around. 
It's also helped having Kelly, being a qualified accountant, available to bounce ideas off if I have been struggling to understand certain concepts of the subject (auditing).
The complimentary tea and coffee along with microwave is a nice touch to remove the urge to go out and grab a sandwich or Costa, so I was able to maintain concentration for longer.
David Heafey, Crewe

As an existing client I was one of those that may have pushed Kelly to "Go for it". 
I actually thought the office was ready to go when she moved in and that the little touches didn't really matter yet. But she worked hard to make the space just right. 
She was spot on, it's the little touches that make it; the laptop stand on a desk, the decent coffee and the decoration makes the place more welcoming. 
I particularly love the meeting room. KFH Network has been great for staff that work from home to use instead of feeling isolated. 
As an unknown bonus it's also been great for me to get away from staff for a couple of hours!! Thumbs up from me!
Alex Walker, Crewe

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